Jan Henderson

I received third prize in a raffle and it happened to be one of Sitara’s mosaics. Beautiful and unique. It has pride of place as you come into my house and everyone’s comments on it.

Caroline Moss, Keriblue Ceramics

Thanks for such a wonderful day!!! I was totally absorbed and so was mum. Thank you so, so much!! I can’t tell you how much that day has invigorated me. To be able to lose myself in something different is just so inspiring.

(Mosaic workshop, Kerikeri, June 2017)

Deb Atkinson

Thank you for the wonderful mosaic workshop you put on. I’m so excited with all the ideas of things I wanted to do but never really knew what I was doing. After your workshop I feel confident enough to have a go and have fun
with mosaics.

(Mosaic workshop, Kerikeri, June 2017)

Sushma Brunt

First of all, I want to thank you for the mosaic classes. I enjoyed the classes and doing mosaic. You are good with group classes, so I hope you enjoyed doing it as well.

(Mosaic workshop, Awanui, April/May 2017)

Roberto Rizzo

For my 50th birthday I received a beautiful present from my lovely partner. A mosaic from Sitara arriving to Holland, carefully packaged all the way from New Zealand. Sitara’s work is not only personal but also full of universal meaning. I find it really special, because it is very playful and full of energy. I am so happy to be able to enjoy it at my place.

Rosalind Atkinson

Breaking crockery has always filled me with sadness and regret at the prospect of parting from a familiar ceramic friend. So I have been very glad to give broken shards another (even more lovely!) lease of life in the form of one of Sitara’s gorgeous mosaics. My fragments are transformed into wonderful, exuberant expressions of colour and shape, and it is a joy to see them live on in this new form. My advice to all when something ceramic they love accidentally breaks: commission a mosaic!

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