#The100DayProject – Works in Progress (WIPs)

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I wrote to you on this site.

Above mosaics are a result of my participation in the 100 Day Project (2021). I’ve decided to use it to make a small (10x10cm) square mosaic every single day. I started a day late but because of New Zealand Aotearoa’s lead on the world clock, no one’s noticed. It officially started on the 31st of January. As of today (21st February), I’ve completed 20 mosaics and you can see them above.

Stay tuned, I’ll be updating regularly. I’m also posting to my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, using the hashtag #The100DayProject2021.

All the photos here are from Works In Progres (WIPs) and still need cleaning or painting or grouting before I will be displaying them at our lovely local Bush Fairy Dairy! Except for the ones already there (bottom two pictures).

I’m displaying these mini-mosaics by colour (-ish), not in the chronological order they were made in. But if you hover your mouse over them, the day they were made appears.

If you enjoy viewing my mosaics but don’t necessarily want to own one, you can always make a small donation or ‘buy me a coffee!’

Happy making, whatever you’re making!