#The100DayProject – Works in Progress (WIPs)

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Hey everyone!

The above mini-mosaics are a result of my participation in the 100 Day Project (2021). I decided to use it to make a small (10x10cm) square mosaic every single day. It officially started on the 31st of January. This is the third time I’ve updated this overview and of today (3rd April), I’ve completed nearly fifty mosaics and you can view them above. So, you can see (or count) that I’m behind (my diary says this is day 62) and I’m also deviating from the shape. But all of that is part of the creative process and I will keep going as best I can until the project finishes.

A number of these mini-mosaics are for sale, here on this website in my online gallery.

Stay tuned! Let me know what you think. I’m also posting to my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, using the hashtag #The100DayProject2021.

Some of the photos here are from Works In Progres (WIPs) and still need cleaning or painting or grouting, others are ready to be hung on my wall, gifted as gifts or journey out into the world in other ways. A selection is exhibited at the lovely local Bush Fairy Dairy just up the road from where I live.

If you enjoy viewing my mosaics but don’t necessarily want to own one, you can always make a small donation to help keep an artist afloat, or… buy me a coffee!

Happy making, whatever you’re making! And don’t forget to Give Yourself A Break!