Mosaics.Gallery October Newsletter 2018

My currently very irregular newsletter has a new issue out, with the latest mosaic classes (in Peria), mosaic tips and mosaic news for mosaic enthusiasts and wannabe mosaic makers! Receive it directly in your inbox by clicking on the link, then on “Subscribe” in the top lefthand corner. Click here to read it online now! : : Here’s a little preview about the near perfect cut, from the “How to” tips & tricks section:

How to – achieve near perfect breaks
Intentional “handmade” breaks are seldom 100% perfect, but it’s absolutely possible to control the direction of the break when cutting a plate or tile with tile nippers or wheeled nippers. How? You do this by placing your thumb and index finger of the hand holding the item to apply pressure on the spot where you want your cut line to ‘run to’, while you ‘nip’ with your other hand. Try it now. It’s almost like magic, but I’m sure there’s a physic law that explains it all. The only exception is, when the tile or plate has a prior, invisible crack already from falling or other damage, in which case the cut is likely to follow the hairline of the earlier impact. Read on : :

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